Muji establishes Swedish subsidiary ahead of Ahlens AB contract expiration

On November 20, Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. (Muji) announced that it will establish a Swedish subsidiary called Muji Sweden Aktiebolag which will be wholly owned by Muji Europe Holdings Limited. The business will have a capital of 50,000 Swedish Krona (approximately 6,000 US dollars) and its launch is planned for February 2018. Operations are set to start in September 2018.

Photo: Muji

Muji first entered into a licensing agreement with Ahlens AB in 2004. Ahlens AB is the country’s largest department store and, for the past 13 years, has held the exclusive rights to distribute Muji products in Sweden.

Both Muji and Ahlens AB have decided, however, to terminate this contract in August 2018. In place of this, Muji Europe Holdings will work to give the brand a stronger presence in Sweden through the establishment of their new subsidiary, Muji Sweden Aktiebolag. The subsidiary will be 100 percent owned by Muji Europe Holdings and its headquarters will be located in Stockholm.

There are currently eight Muji stores in Sweden but the idea is to expand Muji’s presence throughout the country. In order to do this, Muji aims to use the know-how it has so far cultivated in Europe.


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