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The Bow Accessories

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This season, the bow tie and the tie stand out on the runway. they have always been present but today men dare to wear them on a daily basis, in every way imaginable and even coordinated with a sweater or a cardigan. in winter, of course they come in silk, but also in cashmere, tweed, knitwear and also take on new proportions. meeting with francois-regis laporte who specializes in male accessories. the bow tie has never been so modern and even undergoing a major revolution ... meanwhile, the tie plays with originality concerning models, sizes and colours. royalty free music/ bandit & kikit -2012 interview francois-regis laporte : it\'s clear that the tie has a real business, golden boy and finance connotation, the bow tie referred towards the waiter or a banker. so it is obvious that there were old dictates of these products. but there was a real growth of young people who have taken the accessory from their parents, who put them together, who are either singers, or actors. there are lots of series where you see many teenagers wearing bow ties with skinny jeans, sweaters, or cardigans, creating completely contemporary silhouettes. i am fortunate to work with a magnet patent. these are porcelain magnets that are mounted on an elastomeric fiber, so it\'s very flexible, and it allows the magnet and the bowtie to be clipped in a blink of an eye. another plus point is that they are bows to be tied, and so once untied, we obtain two halves of the bowtie, and once people are fans of the collection, and maison f, you can then have fun clipping a panel with the panel of another bow and you can create your own bow tie. you can also play on shapes, very often you find this fishtail form, it\'s the 007 classic, but of course you can play on the moon shapes, round shapes and on little volumes, mixing the materials, playing on all four sides of fabric, there are so many opportunities for possible changes with the bowtie. so the novelty in fact, is to be able to tie them up in two or in three, and to play with the tips, so `diamond\' tips, symmetrical or asymmetrical tips, square tips, and also skinny ties, so reducing it even more. from 4cm we move on to 2.5cm and playing around with these ties and these colours and tying 3 ties together, placing it frontal, placing squares or stripes, you do not feel as if you\'re wearing the same tie.