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Donna Karan Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in New York (with itw)

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American designer donna karan continues to pay tribute to the work of her husband, the artist stephan weiss (who died in 2001), proposing garments that are almost sculpted on the body. dresses drape and the ever present cape becomes a scarf gently posed on the shoulders. tailored coats emphasize the figure. warm and iridescent colours surround metal tones giving depth to the clothing. the donna karan woman remains a true new yorker boosted with positive energy... music from fashion show interview donna karan : it was an ability particularly at a collection level, that it's clothes that last forever, clothes that move with the season, with the body. it's sort of elemental, sort of like the elements of life, new york, the pavement, the stone, the shades of gray and light. if you go see my husband's exhibition which is at urban zen, all his work was all sculptured, and i realized while i was putting the book together and the art i wrote oh my god those are my clothes, and it was just how we've always worked, he did my fragrance bottles, he did all my sets, he was my partner in crime, he did everything and i never realized it until i've been living with this exhibition now for almost the past year. for me, a coat in this weather, god only knows that we needed some coats! so i wanted them to be tailored, i wanted them to be sensual, i wanted them to be easy, i wanted to have a cape that you can throw over on a coat or over your body.