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Brands rush in to the kids wear fashion sector

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Kids wear fashion is a booming sector, from the growth of trendy labels to big brands and luxury houses, all encompassed in this world. the children steel all the looks and everybody has a way of grabbing the parents’/ consumers’ attention, transposing their own fashion onto their little ones as explained by isis, the publishing director of milk magazine.interview from isis colombe combréas:all of today’s brands have their children’s’ collections, some are organised with ‘in-house’ stylists specially dedicated to children, others have partners, they are licencing. i think this stance is clearly to reach out to the family, which is a very sympathetic value to have; also this makes sure they don’t miss out on a target audience, but even, gain another. the brand today really covers all persons with the child, the makeup, the man’s fashion, the woman’s fashion. the brand has become your best friend, and it even proposes an art exhibition, so it’s completely global. i’ve thought of something else, it’s also anticipating the brand’s knowledge for an all young population. a lot of trendy labels convey coolness like roseanna, sandro, maje, the kooples and there is therefore a kidswear fashion family which mirrors these labels, so we try to be very very aware of everything current, like the ‘organic’ mother, involved in recycling, who likes the idea of ethical fashion, and we will offer her brands that will appeal to her. then we will make her dream, i am reporting in a few days with margherita missoni who is the italian ‘it girl’ by excellence, she is going to open her house and we will create a story. i try to mix and alternate for everyone. music free of right / bandit & nikit 2015