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Handbags Trend Spring / Summer 2017

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The bag, a woman’s true companion, full of fantasy and frivolity, especially at fendi. it’s adorned with bows and dressed with ribbons or removable shoulder straps. the clutch is another alternative. it’s worn like it’s stuck to you. admittedly we don’t put all our things in it, only the vital necessities. it comes in many graphic and colourful patterns.at chanel the iconic chain stays in fashion and unchanging. even finding it on the new gabriele bag.xxl version at mulberry, the bag in the spirit of a shopping bag, which grows and is softened at gucci the bags are illustrated with embroidery and animal patterns, in a dreamlike and romantic spirit the bag celebrates summer with femininity and creativity !interview : silvia venturini fendi for the accessories it’s really a season of very structured bags with a lot of interventions, with imposing decoration, with quite punk studs but with a soft coloring. karl lagerfeld it’s nice this new bag called the gabrielle, which has a bottom like this and is worn like this, no one can snatch it from you.johnny coca we worked on the big piccadilly, how to modernize it, so it was cool, we have a vertical travel bag, with this heritage side, to recover the houses’ strong products and how to modernize them, finally, we notice that these products, from the moment they are reworked, fit perfectly into the collection.music free of right