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Best of Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Paris

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Haute couture week in paris succeeded at bringing to a close 4 days of intense shows. let’s recap the highlights of this french phenomenon, which never fails to make the city sparkle.paris itself was this year’s inspiration, and could even be found at the heart of the grand palais with a replica of the eiffel tower erected under the great glass dome; an impressive new décor for chanel.emblematic monuments adorned the dress of the most parisian of all couturiers: jean-paul gaultier.paris and its gardens were equally at the centre of the creative process of the italian, giambattista valli.a fashion week marked by the celebration of anniversaries.the house of dior created an event which inaugurated a rich and dense exposition, showcasing 70 years of design. an exceptional evening with a christian dior runway show paying homage to the founder himself, taking place in a reconstructed savannah with an incredible ceiling of stars, and the brand’s muses who came to applaud the new opus, maria grazia chiuri.another anniversary was that of stéphane rolland who celebrated 10 years of haute couture with a lyrical score …the dutch designer, iris van harpen also consecrated her 10 years of sculptural and experimental design.not forgetting, the presentation by rabih kayrouz as well as the live performance by christophe.as for the runway, bella hadid lit the fire, most notably at alexandre vauthier, as she appeared seductive in a transparent top and sequined dress.at the end of the chanel show, all eyes were on karl lagerfeld as he received the highest distinction from the city of paris: the grand vermeil medal.a fashion week that ended with another burst of applause, at fendi. karl lagerfeld was called to the stage three times, making an emotional end to haute couture week!interviews:bruno pavlovsky: what we wanted to do again was to place paris in the heart of chanel, or chanel in the heart of paris; i don’t know which way it should be said. but it’s true that here today, this eiffel tower in the grand palais, is the chanel of today.giambattista valli: my nymphs, and the muses, the nymphs of the petit palais, the gardens of the petit palais; it’s a garden which is slightly hidden, it’s an extraordinary paradise. robert pattinson: it’s a kind of history and elegance, and yeah, a lot of different things.céline dion: it was amazing, it was really, really very beautiful. it was if we were putting on our evening dress and suddenly, we’re leaving a restaurant, and then our husband or our lover puts his coat around us for protection.music in the public domain: bandit & nikit