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LACOSTE Show - Men's and Women's Collection Autumn/Winter 2018/19 in Paris (with interview)

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Artistic director: felipe oliveira baptistainspiration: at the dawn of the second world war, tree planting at the chantaco golf course carried out by rené lacoste and his wife, at the will of the house and the designer to connect himself even more with nature, the famous crocodile is resolutely turned towards the future, taking inspiration from the past. collection: hybrid clothing, comfortable and transformable for men and for women. big wind-breakers and multiple un-zipped jackets with removable linings and sleeves, reversible with or without an integrated hood. knitted and cotton ensembles are drapes, changing in lengths to become asymmetric. the prints are composed of trees or vintage drawings of the chantaco golf course, found in the house archives and used for jumpers and tops. velvet is softening and ribbed velvet takes on a new dimension for urban ensembles. the tones move closer to the colours of nature, based around green, chestnut and brown.to note: the big rubber eagle boots, the drawstring hoods worn under bucket hats. above all the crocodile who takes gives up its place on 10 polo shirts to make room for 10 endangered animals, for the brand’s first collaboration with the association iucn (international union for conservation of nature), with these limited addition shirts now available. interview with felipe oliveira baptista:for me it was a very important starting point also to say that what we can do today makes sense, that it wasn’t yet another collection, to show more, but rather a real reflection on things beyond time and which last, they’re not thrown away in 6 months’ time. there is an enormous concern for quality, the finishing touches, and this idea of comfort as well, clothing which we can see entering our lives very quickly and for me it’s about blending, it’s this balance which is very interesting. i love this idea of evolutionary clothing, it’s something that i’ve worked on since i started at lacoste, and it’s the idea of clothing which can adapt to the life of the person who wear it, it’s very important. the crocodile, he’s giving up his place for 10 endangered species, on 1,775 polos which are going to be on sale today and this figure corresponds to how many of these species are left and it’s a collaboration which has touched and motivated me and that i also wanted to put it in a show to give it as much visibility as possible and it’s a project that we’ve started for 3 years so it’s sort of the first phase of this project. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information)