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Season Paris, the healthy cantina expands from Paris to New York

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Season paris, when healthy cantinas become trendy.from new york to paris, healthy cantinas have multiplied and have become extremely trendy. take for example season, founded 4 years ago by cathy closier, an entrepreneur, bubbling with projects. after her parisian success, we met her during her brunch launch in a trendy bar in the heart of soho in new york.season attracts international customers also thanks to its instagram page, whilst the fashion world also becomes very interested in its products.today, cathy is releasing a book complied of her everyday favourites and best recipies.season in paris - 1 rue charles françois dupuit, 75003 parisseason in new york - 355 bowery street, new yorkinterview with cathy closier:it was a dream i didn’t think was possible, but it all started thanks to a friend who introduced me to man named ashwyn who had his own restaurants and he proposed that i do a season brunch only on weekends, and so my dream became a reality.we’ve had chanel and kenzo and other brands who have asked us to cater for them and it’s so rewarding. we responded to the demands and everyone knows that today there are trends within food too, and i think that it is becoming important for brands as i’ve had more and more demands to set up corners inside fashion shops so actually i think this whole movement is continuing to move and evolve in this way.people’s way of eating is dramatically changing and it began a few years ago when we became much more aware of, and interested in what we put on our plates. i am passionate about this subject in general and actually, i am passionate about everything revolving around food, i love crockery, decoration, and all that. so it was a logical move for me to make good food but also to present it well.